Joan Constantine

Joan has been an active member of VDTC since 1985 and is our Rally Instructor. Joan has been involved with Rally since it’s inception and has titled her English Setters in both Rally and Obedience. In 2007 Joan’s Copper became the very first English Setter to earn the highest Rally title- RAE – Rally Advanced Excellent.

Trish Iriye BA, CPDT-KA

Trish is a Canine Behavior Academy graduate, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Trish teaches Beginning Manners, Puppy and Canine Good Citizen classes for VDTC. She is committed to science-based, force-free training methods, uses positive reinforcement to keep dogs and their people happy and strives to teach simple, effective methods to achieve goals. She has competed to title dogs in AKC Rally and she and her husband have a local dog walking and training business, Doggy Detail.

Christa Wendlandt

Christa has been active in Search and Rescue since the late 1990's and has trained dogs for Wilderness, Disaster, Water, Evidence and Cadaver Searching. She has participated with her dogs in over 150 searches including the Oaklahoma Bombing, Oakland Fires and the San Francisco Earthquake and has worked as a training advisor to teams to get them mission ready. She is a passionate trainer who uses shaping and positive reinforcement to motivate students in VDTC Tracking and Nosework classes and has trained and titled numerous dogs in tracking, obedience, agility and schutzhund.

Teresa Russell

Teresa has worked as an obedience trainer for the Bahia Sur Kennel Club in San Diego and for the last 10 years as obedience trainer from puppy levels on up to Advanced Competition for the Napa Valley Dog Training Club. She has put obedience titles on eight Labrador Retrievers and one Mixed Breed, including CDs, CDXs, and 2 UDs and all Rally titles. She has put Junior and Senior Hunting titles on five of the Labs and put agility titles on two Labs. For a 15 year stretch she also owned and trained three Jack Russell Terriers to obedience and agility titles and participated in Go to Ground and Racing competitions. Currently she has a Chihuahua mix working on her Rally Excellent title and an 8 month old Labrador in training. She also personally shows her Labs in Conformation Shows. Years of experience, seminars, obedience stewarding and match judging have given her a variety of training methods and ideas for shaping dogs and handlers to be the best team they can be.

Harriet Tucker

Harriet Tucker has been training and competing in Obedience since 1996, and in Rally since its inception. She is a member of VDTC, San Mateo DTC and Oakland DTC, and currently teaches for all 3 clubs.

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Debra Henkle

I am Debra Henkle of Vendetta Boxers - Established in 2005, a Boxer Breeder/Exhibitor & Multi Breed Professional Handler. I have been handling my dogs since late 2005. When I started showing my own dogs, my 1st weekend in the ring with my 1st boy, on day 2 of that show weekend we took BOB with me handling. Granted there was only 1 other Boxer there BUT it was breeder handled by a breeder that has been breeding and showing her own dogs for 10 years. This is the day I can say for sure, I was bit by the show bug. In 2012 I started handling other breeds for a few clients. Since then I have only handled a handful of other breeds, including 4 of Barbara’s Bred-By Brittany’s where I put a major reserve on one of them, many of the singles on 2 others and I put all the points on the 4th including 3 majors and 9 GRCH points, plus a Chocolate Lab that I nearly finished and another that I started, I also put a couple points on a Samoyed. In addition to these I have pointed (nearly singled out several Boxers) including 2 of my own.

Judy Gamet

The saga begins with Judy Gamet, Bachelor of Science in Dance Education from Western Michigan University. Her love of teaching dance along with her interest in kinesiology (the science of human movement) led her to creating Motion Dynamics, a dance and aerobics business in Northern California. Judy authored “The Theory of Motion Dynamics as it applies to Biophysics©” She spent most of her early dance teaching career developing injury free aerobics programs and developed a curriculum of aerobic dance for grades K-12 called “Motion Dynamics in the Schools”.Judy has shared her life with rottweilers for over twenty years. Being a responsible dog parent, Judy began studying obedience training and various dog sports. Her goal to move her dance students toward their potential carried over into her life with her dogs.

Amy Kitay

I joined the dog world when Choni, a yellow flat coated retriever, came into my life in 1996. Choni one of the first registered yellow flat coats in the country and the first one ever to compete in AKC sports. Choni was intended to be only my pet dog. Because of her coat color, Choni was not eligible for the breed ring and was shunned by the FCR fancy. This motivated me to prove that my yellow flat coat was just as good as her black brethren. Choni changed my life. Not only did we learn how to compete and win, we met hundreds of wonderful people and she also changed the view of the majority of the dog fancy so that now yellows are accepted as part of the breed (but still rejected for conformation). Choni lived for 11 years and during that time we earned 32 titles including: UD, RE (she passed before I could earn the final two legs for an RAE), JH, MX, MXJ, WCX, EAC, EJC, EGC, AAD, CGC. We earned those titles with high scores and placements and she was top ranked in obedience and agility. To this day, I am passionate about obedience/rally and am currently a provisional judge for which I am now beginning to complete the process of becoming an AKC obedience judge.